Please be aware of members of the public on the footpath & people fishing.

Thank you.

Playing Rules

1.No-one under 14 allowed on course at any time unless with a paying adult player or with written permission from their parent/guardian & permission from the golf course management.

2.No more than four players allowed in a single group.

3.Replace all divots, repair ball marks and smooth bunkers.

4.Slower groups allow faster groups to play through.

5.Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times; no bathing suits allowed; no high heels allowed.

6.No club except putter to be used on greens.

7.Only one ball per player.

8.Golfers playing extra balls will be charged accordingly.

9.Don't tee off until preceding players have cleared the green.

10.No sharing of clubs.

11.No playing allowed when course is closed.

12.A ball accidentally played onto the wrong green, must NOT be struck off with a club, but lifted by hand and dropped clear of that green without penalty. (This is to prevent damage to the putting surface).

13.STAKED TREES. The area within two club lengths of the trunk of any staked tree is to be regarded as ground under repair and the ball must be dropped outside this area.

14.No practice on the greens before or after rounds.

15.MONKTON HOUSE GARDEN/CAR PARK are STRICTLY OUT OF BOUNDS. Fences bordering the golf course MUST NOT BE CLIMBED to retrieve golf balls. If your golf ball lands in the field on the 5th please walk around to retrieve ball.

16.Out of bounds (loss of distance and stroke).

17.In the river, (see penalty rule 18b). Drop the ball on top of the bank along the line which your ball took when entering the river.

Penalty rules:

18.Lost ball: Drop a ball no nearer hole: a.With penalty of one stroke at point where player thinks ball should be. ball no nearer hole b.Unplayable lie: Drop ball no nearer hole, penalty one stroke.

19.When winter rules apply, player is allowed to improve lie (no nearer hole) within 12 inch radius.